A Clean Sweep For Bread Maker

It’s quite easy to make a mess with breadcrumbs but that’s no longer a problem for one of New Zealand’s leading bread companies thanks to our ultra-smart N-Track conveyor system.

The bread maker had been looking for a solution to move its breadcrumb waste from the main production area to another area and liked the look of the N-Track due to its side wall belting design which prevents crumbs from spilling on to the floor or getting into the actual conveyors operations, causing hygiene issues.

They could have commissioned a special conveyor design but they found our N-Track solution that made it quicker and was also affordable.

The N-Track is simple in design, competitively priced and is very easy to install. The only information EQM needed was the length, width, start height, any walls or other object crossing its path, and the finish height, as elevations. With this information all conveyors were sent to site semi-assembled for installation completed on site by their own project engineers.

“They were really happy with the speedy service, which had them up and running within three weeks”, said EQM’s Anthony Bloxham.

Happy EQM Customers

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