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EQM Industrial has an extensive range of food processing equipment that’s perfect for the food processing sector.

We have products across three areas – Drive, Move, Pack.


When it comes to Stainless Steel motors and gearboxes for the food industry, EQM Industrial offers the widest range, backed by expert knowledge and superior customer support. Thanks to its flexibility in application, STM’s standard range of worm gearboxes provide the best value for money. STM Helical, bevel and planetary gearboxes provide you with a range of solutions. EQM Industrial can help you customize your gearbox solution to your processing line. Furthermore, EQM Industrial will have the optimum electric motor to drive your food processing facility. DAGU’s range of low voltage DC motors satisfies both specific and diverse requirements and applications. Controlling the speed of conveyors, pumps and mixers can be tricky and that’s where these Speed Controllers step up to the mark with trademark precision. Additionally EQM Industrial supplies the widest range of bearings and housings from quality manufacturers such as Challenge. See our full range of Drive equipment here.


EQM Industrial are experts at helping you find conveyor solutions with your various conveyor systemsBand Driven conveyor modular design takes care of your demanding situations. The M-Track and N-Track are lightweight belt conveyors of modular design, with the N Track also offering a hygienic conveyor system. C- Channel belt conveyors are used in food processing plants, fruit and vegetable packhouses among many other uses. The T-Track chain conveyor is known within the food processing industry as a tabletop conveyor or a ‘slatband’ conveyor and is ideal to move packaging and food products. A gravity roller conveyor is a lightweight, low cost, and ergonomic way to move packages. Furthermore, EQM industrial has a wide range of componentry for belt, band and chain driven conveyors. We also offer 2D & 3D design services where can render your new project, with all the new equipment as well as making sure all utilities are placed in the correct place before any of your equipment is manufactured. See our full Move range of equipment here.


EQM Industrial provides labelling technology for fruit packaging and individual fruit, as well as label printing and design. When it comes to optimising your packing production line make sure you consider using an EQM Industrial Rotary Table. Filling a crate of fruit or vegetables doesn’t come any easier than using an EQM Crate Filler which gives you a weighing and filling solution. EQM Industrial provides a unique segment system which allows customised fruit brushes to be created for your machinery.  We have an effective range of fans and portable blowers that are highly efficient and suitable for a wide range of conditions and desired outcomes. New Zealand fruit and produce companies now have a pallet strapping solution that increases productivity, reduces risk of injury and improves the shelf-life of their quality products right here with EQM Industrial. Selecting the right conveyor to suit the need can be guess work. Adding pack stations, pack accumulation and carton loading seems to make the job a little more challenging. However, EQM Industrial is experienced in developing full packing lines for your needs. The latest technology and turnkey solutions for sizing, grading and sorting systems – helping EQM Industrial to help you grow your business. See our full Pack range of equipment here. 

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