EQM Service Guardian

We have many years experience in the design and installation of equipment to the food-processing sector.

We have sourced and stock some of the world’s leading equipment brands such as STM, DAGU and ABI.

What’s different about us is that we’re there for you, when you need us. We won’t let you down … ever!

The EQM Service Guardian is your peace of mind promise that we will keep you moving.

If you have a breakdown we promise to have you up and running and back in production as quick as we can.

The EQM Service Guardian promises to:

  •  Installation support
  • Be on call for equipment support – technical support
  • Provide a replacement equipment or component within 24 hrs
  • FREE loan equipment for warranty repairs beyond 48 hrs
  • Service maintenance reminders
  • Equipment inventory archiving – what equipment you have, maintenance records etc
  • Quick quote response

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