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4 May 2020

EQM takes MOVE to a higher level for online sales distribution and packhouses

With New Zealand’s successful level 4 lockdown ended, it’s time to give your business and the economy a shot in the arm. Enter level 3 lockdown with its logical result – increased online shopping – which we think is here to stay.

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6 April 2020

Quick help from EQM for dried food line

As a support industry of the food packing and processing industries., we at EQM have always tasked ourselves to be there when you need us. As we all join to fight against COVID-19 and its repercussions our dedication continues. The show must go on.

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25 February 2020

Packing Line returns Cherries to cold room in under 10 minutes. Remarkable!

Today’s sophisticated markets demand food that’s traceable, sustainably grown and compliant with strict international standards. Delicious goes without saying. So how to get the delicate juicy perfection of a ripe cherry to its destination intact? The answer is: Attention to detail, state of the art equipment and quick, gentle handling.

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2 December 2019

New Robotic Gentle Bin Filler for Fruit and Produce Launched

EQM Industrial launched an intelligent fully automated robotic bin filler to the market. The new Hortworx RBF100 takes care of valuable fruit and produce to a new level. This is achieved by gently lowering fruit down into a bin as if it’s done one at a time. It is specifically designed for handling sensitive fruit […]

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19 November 2019

How EQM helped a Winery to protect their rare wine and improve productivity

When Te Mata Estate asked us for help to upgrade the packaging operation for their legendary red wine we were delighted. The name ‘Coleraine’ induces complex notes of bliss in wine connoisseurs, as they muse over the aromas of this full-coloured red wine with flavours reminiscent of well-ripened blackcurrants and spices. But that wasn’t the […]

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