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What to Look for During Scheduled Maintenance of Conveyor Systems

Like any processing plant, unexpected equipment failure can interrupt your food production schedule and lead to costly downtime that can impact your bottom line considerably. Regular maintenance should be carried out to prevent problems arising, put any faults right and to ensure that the equipment is working effectively. In other words, regular equipment maintenance is…

Quick help from EQM for dried food line

Quick help from EQM for dried food line

As a support industry of the food packing and processing industries., we at EQM have always tasked ourselves to be there when you need us. As we all join to fight against COVID-19 and its repercussions our dedication continues. The show must go on. Greenery to go The Canterbury Plains in New Zealand’s South Island…

EQM to the Rescue

Packing season challenges As the busy fruit harvest draws to a close the packing facilities are at full production processing crops. Fruit and vegetable packing facilities have called EQM to the rescue to keep them operating over this demanding time.