Rotary Tables keep spinning out the door

Rotary Tables are being used for a diverse range of uses.

Over the last few months we have sold many rotary tables. Not only has the diverse use been surprising but the fact that we have easily modified standard rotary tables to suit specific customer requirements.

Rotating honey pots

‘We’ve had some request powdercoated frames in a specific colour, while others have asked for high welded s/s sides, customised geardrives to fit in with factory standardisation, stationary guide rails to unscramble and singulate pottles, and many more …

As we look at the order book, the range of uses’ for accumulating and packing products such as chocolate, dietry tablets, pouches and sachets, loose fruit and vegetables, intensive strawberry packing, honey and organic coffee.

EQM Rotary tables come in three standard types– punnet and package, fruit collection, and bottle and container tables.

From a design perspective the tables are simple while they’re also cost effective and are operated from a single-phase drive.

Each is specifically designed for packing of particular products.

The punnet and package table has a stainless steel top so that the surface is smooth and easy to keep clean.

The fruit collection table is usually a painted wooden top with padding to eliminate the bruising on fruit when it lands there.

Bottle and container tables are fully stainless steel as they’re used in areas that need to be hygienic. Spillage is also easily cleaned up on the  smooth stainless surface.

So if you’re thinking about a rotary table, contact us today

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