Full of beans for coffee retailer

A New Zealand coffee bean company is going full steam ahead thanks to EQM installing two conveyors that have blended in perfectly with the full packaging process.

The company now meets the requirements of the supermarket it supplies, with EQM recommending the most effective conveyor system and having it operational within three weeks.

The project came about after Foodtech Packtech which was held in Auckland recently where the owner of a coffee company got a first-hand look at packing solutions designed by EQM.

“The coffee retailer needed two conveyors – one to move pouches along a line after filling by hand so ‘best before’ could be inkjet printed on to the packs and the second one to apply wrap-around barcode labels to shipping cartons as dictated by the retail chain.

“We recommended the N Track stainless steel range which was a perfect match and we added adjustable guide rails which could enable the conveyors to be used for a multiple range of product packaging sizes going forward.

“The guide rails we specially setup to fit with the labelling machines already acquired by this client.

EQM needed to liaise with not only the customer but also the suppliers of the printer and labeller and still meet a short delivery deadline so this new brand of coffee could be on supermarket shelves in next to no time.

“Without even needing to sit down over a coffee with all the parties we worked well together to ensure the tight deadline was met.

Now as this client expands we are already looking at more end of line packing equipment to streamline their process from sacks of beans to retail pouches of roasted coffee to shipping cartons for distribution.

EQM will link all steps from start to finish.

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