Bristling Clean Fruit And Vegetables

Clean and ready to eat is the verdict of the upgraded brushes used to clean fruit and vegetables for a produce grower based in Hawke’s Bay.

Faced with brushes that were starting to show quite a bit of wear and tear, EQM took to the challenge of looking to find replacement bristles.


“The brushes washed and cleaned carrots and were almost worn out. The brief we had was to replaces the bristles only, so that the existing roller tubes and shafts could be used again avoiding expensive alterations to the scrubber.

“It’s a pretty wet environment, so we had to select the right bristle material that could handle a heavy workload but still deliver a premium finished product. With advise from the experts with experience on the best type of plastic material to use, the client ended up with a rotary brush that is superior to his original.

The outcome was the client was rapt, and now has peace of mind that they can deliver clean carrots and continue to source this special brush ware from EQM, a local source who understands and takes care of their needs.

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