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18 December 2017

Shiny, Strong & Successful

Stainless Steel gear drives are the optimum performer in food facilities throughout New Zealand.

Stainless is a star performer and will never let you down. At the same time you get peace of mind that stainless is significantly superior from a health and safety perspective.

There is low risk of wear and tear and the smooth lines of this equipment is much easier to keep clean.

Small, medium, large, perishable, light, heavy… there is an EQM Gear drive that’s more than capable of doing the job.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says there’s been strong interest in stainless steel motors in food processing plants.

The increased spotlight on in-house and government food safety standards is one factor that has led to this interest.

Anthony says that ABI IP69K stainless steel motors are regarded as the “Rolls Royce” of motors and although they cost more in comparison to aluminium motors upfront they have many paybacks long-term.

They lift performance of what they driving, require less maintenance and the cleaning is a lot easier as they don’t have any nooks and crannies of alternative options.

They don’t harbour bacteria, are more hardwearing and can withstand humidity, moisture and corrosion due to their unique internal construction.

“They really lift the performance of the entire production process,” he says.

ABI also has a water cooling jacket option which for peace of mind can ensure a gear drives never overheats.

The water jacket is a stainless outer layer that requires a cold water supply to circulate around motor and return.

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