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18 December 2017


EQM now has an affordable range of worm gearboxes that are a mix of stainless and aluminium which still meet hygiene safety standards.

These special gearboxes are made with an aluminium body housing and fitted with a stainless steel hollow output shaft.

We’ve already done a number of  installations including a confectionary factory, a meat small goods processing factory, and other lightly washdown, or outdoor weather exposed situations.

Tim says they are high performance worm gearboxes which are a significantly lower cost  than full stainless versions.

Although they don’t have the high hygiene qualities of the EQMi full stainless steel range they reduce the risk of corrosion of output shafts seen with standard conventional hollow shaft gearboxes, which can lead to oil seepage over time.

With a price that is about 40% of our equivalent stainless steel gearbox and not a lot more than your conventional gearbox these gearboxes are now on the list of many more maintenance engineers that struggle to get approval for a full stainless steel gearbox.

Another benefit is that the aluminium on these gearboxes don’t oxidise as quickly due to a special treatment of the aluminium.

With a full range of ratios and hollow shaft sizes available we are sure we can find a matching replacement for your existing gearboxes that you are thinking of right now.

If you’re got a  some budget restraints but want something better than the conventional gearbox that delivers performance longer, then this is your answer, just contact us today.

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