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4 July 2019

Ready to Go – Cleangeartech Drive Systems!

We launched these state of the art gear drives in NZ almost a year ago and our happy customers are already reaping the benefits.

Now, these world-leading gearboxes and motors are available for immediate delivery. 

See How We Put these Gearboxes and Motors to Work

The project was fairly ambitious. Our client called us to his factory and gave us his vision. He was building a freezer which included three conveyors. The whole system had to be completely hygienic. Also, it needed to withstand extreme cold, including dramatic temperature changes.

EQM worked hand-in-hand with the company as their trusted advisor – with excellent results.

Will that be Sliced, Diced or Pureed?

Our customer supplies the food industry for all of the above, fresh or frozen. In this case, the focus was on sliced or diced. This top-rated company processes its products in strict compliance with HACCP requirements. Moreover, fresh food arrives daily and is quickly transformed into an excellent, individually quick frozen (IQF) product.

With twenty successful years behind them, their customers have confidence in their products.

Our Challenge   

Chopped or diced produce needed to be moved along at the rate of 1000 kg per hour. It would be moving from an ambient temperature of 10° to 25° Celsius to ‑20°. Maintaining the necessary speed and torque through synchronising the motors and drives for each conveyor, keeps the line running and achieves optimum freezing time for each product. These free-flow products must retain their shape and must avoid damage in any form. Last but not least, the equipment must be thoroughly washed down after every production cycle to avoid contamination between products – not something that makes most electric motors happy.

How We Solved It

We went over their plant – product line by product line – assessing their needs. Thus we calculated the exact necessary gear-drive for each phase of each process to function smoothly.

In addition, our team can also supply comprehensive 3D models for engineering design drawings for each component with specifications. We chose from the wide range of motors, gearboxes and speed controllers in stock at our disposal to create a system that will run at exactly the speeds and capacity requested by our clients.

Enter the new Clean-Geartech Z series

This brilliant range of gearboxes and motors is just what the doctor ordered for function and cleanliness in a food plant – and we made good use of them.

These aluminium gearboxes have multiple benefits:

  • They are extremely hygienic
  • The aluminium surface is NTT™ treated which means that there is no possibility of flaking paint – because there is no coating.
  • Perfect for damp environments – no rust
  • The motor is totally enclosed and non-ventilated – can be washed down at 1500PSI after each production run.
  • There is no need for guards (which can harbour bacteria).
  • They’re able to withstand deep freeze temperatures.
  • Many sizes of gearboxes and motors plus speed controllers make fine-tuning the speed a cinch.

Not surprisingly, food auditors favour these gearboxes and motors.

The Final Result?

In short, an efficient blast freezer, serving up desirable, frozen produce, with its nutrition, colour and shape undamaged and ready to satisfy the most discriminating customers.

And the Best Part is…

Clean-Geartech units are available now. Do you want a clean machine?

Contact us at – We’re ready to ship.

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