Milking stops for nothing

Backing gates in dairy operations are an everyday vital tool for milk production. At 5am on a cold winter morning, the last thing a dairy farmer wants is a gate gearbox breakdown.

There has been a lot of innovation in backing gates and a wide range of gearboxes are used by manufacturers.

EQM has done the hard yards to make sure downtime in the milking shed is minimal by creating a database of gearboxes across almost all backing gate brands and has matched those up with STM equivalents.

If you ever have a gearbox breakdown you can contact us at and follow the simply breakdown response plan so we can get you up and running quick smart, if at all possible before next milking day!

Anthony says they can also source an aluminium gearbox with a stainless steel hollow shaft that extends the life of the output shaft and keeps maintenance down.

“The environment in these milking sheds is often pretty corrosive due to effluent that’s splashed around so stainless is a great option to consider.”

If you have a gearbox that’s not playing its part – contact us today.

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