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19 November 2019

Happy 95 years for Unitec!

Unitec’s growth has been extraordinary, both in terms of revenue and in number of employees. But Angelo Benedetti, president of Unitec makes an important point:

The real metric, the most important unit of measurement
 is Customer satisfaction
 derived from the achievement of concrete results.

We couldn’t agree more. After all, where would revenue be without customer satisfaction?

It was 1924 when the first mechanical sorters were made, and progress has been steady ever since. With systems now for over 35 different fruits and vegetables and many patents on world leading innovations there’s no wonder expansion has been constant.
Today Unitec is still leading the industry with non-destructive ways of detecting the internal qualities of fruit, electronic sizing, ultra-gentle handling of delicate fruits, vision technologies for detecting colour and external defects in fruit… the list goes on.
All of these are huge assets for the fruit and vegetable sector worldwide.

Congratulations to Unitec from us at EQM for your 95-year dedication to ongoing Research and Development and for your commitment to customer satisfaction!

Find out more about Unitec’s history in this article –

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