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19 November 2019

How EQM helped a Winery to protect their rare wine and improve productivity

When Te Mata Estate asked us for help to upgrade the packaging operation for their legendary red wine we were delighted. The name ‘Coleraine’ induces complex notes of bliss in wine connoisseurs, as they muse over the aromas of this full-coloured red wine with flavours reminiscent of well-ripened blackcurrants and spices.
But that wasn’t the only reason we were pleased: –
We knew EQM could do it!

Te Mata Estate

Established in 1896, Te Mata Estate is a vineyard and wine estate that is part of New Zealand’s heritage. Only grapes from its own Hawke’s Bay vineyards are used by Te Mata, and its wines are made, aged and bottled in New Zealand’s oldest winery buildings.
Since 1905 this winery has been winning gold medals globally, and according to ‘The World of Fine Wine’ this family-owned business is one of the world’s greatest fine-wine estates.

Packaging a Masterpiece

For years the packaging of Coleraine, a “Top 50 Wines in the World” listing was an improvised affair. Just where they could do it, on makeshift tables. Rather precarious for a costly wine.
No wonder that the storeman called us in to revamp the packaging process. These elite bottles of wine must not face the risk of being dropped.

Custom to the Rescue

We customised a standard carton conveyor to suit and designed and built two special stainless-steel tables at just the right height and size to wrap the bottles.  Both the conveyor and the tables have wheels and are adjustable for height. This gives flexibility and efficiency to the whole operation.

Sheets of tissue paper are strategically placed on the tables. The bottles of Coleraine are lovingly swathed in tissue paper and tenderly lowered into small purpose-made crates

After improvising for years, this custom-built table and roller conveyor combination has improved productivity and reduced the risk of losing expensive bottles of wine.

Double Duty

When the Coleraine packing season is completed, the wheeled roller conveyor goes back into service receiving cartons and positioning them ready for loading with other Te Mata wines from off the accumulating table.
Its height and design mean that workers can lower the bottles into the cells of a carton safely and quickly. Then the one high side aligns the carton so that the packer can push the cartons into a taping machine to close the carton without having to lift it. Two areas of improved productivity!

Needless to say, there are plenty of uses for a sturdy, wheeled stainless-steel table in a winery!

The Result

I’ll let Brian, Te Mata Estate Winery Dispatch Manager, sum it up for us:

Hi Anthony, just letting you know we’re totally happy with the workings of our new equipment. Thanks. Regards, Brian

So if you’re struggling with improvised moving or packing equipment that needs replacement and improvement –
Contact Us and we’ll customise the perfect solution for you.

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