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4 October 2019

Don’t delay your projects… time is running out!

The new season’s approaching with the speed of light. 2020 is right around the corner. It’s time to get your production planning on track…

The Order Books are Filling Up

Yes, they really are. I know that spring has barely sprung, but our suppliers are already getting production schedules booked up.
We’re working hard with many of our loyal clients to get their projects designed, approved and finalised.
This way our suppliers can be sure to have their supplies in place to avoid undue delay.

Short term projects can often be squeezed in here and there, but a larger scale project can take more than 3 months.

Keep it Realistic

Our policy is to Make Realistic Promises and deliver on time.

There is a time frame for every project, so why not be realistic and plan to get the equipment you really need rather than improvise with second best?

One company who ordered a specific machine in December one year, lost the benefit of immediate ROI in the first season as the 16 week delivery time meant the equipment didn’t arrive in NZ until 2 weeks before the end of the season.

Take a minute to figure out how much ROI you would lose if you left your significant project past the critical order date and share this with your decision-makers.

Need Help with Scheduling?

Stonefruit, Cherries, Apples, Kiwifruit,  – you name it, your new turnkey packing line needs to be ready to go before the fruit is off the trees or vines. This usually means planning needs to be completed at least a year ahead.

At EQM our new EQM DESIGN service is being adopted by a number of engineering and production managers who need assistance to plan automation improvements to their production lines.

EQM Design services include:

  • Site visits and evaluations
  • Project Scopes
  • Factory layouts – existing and future in 3D
  • Research and Design
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management


Now you can hire over 50 years of combined industry experience from the friendly guys at EQM.

Make them work for you while there’s still time.

Call now, and they’ll understand what you mean when you say Get Going!


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