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3 May 2018

EQM to the Rescue

The busy fruit harvest is drawing to a close but the packing facilities are at full production processing crops. There has been a few fruit and vegetable packing facilities that have called EQM to the rescue to keep them operating over this demanding time.

Anthony says that in most instances EQM has replacement equipment in stock, in particular exact geardrives and transmission parts – but sometimes customers turn up with a different brand or style of equipment and that’s when EQM enjoys taking up the challenge.

“It’s been a bit of a trend of late. We had one customer arrive looking for a replacement gear drive. It was not a brand we stocked but we looked at all the alternative ways to ensure we could get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

“We matched as closely as we could with a STM AM Series Inline Gearbox but to make it work we needed to do the math and work out the right speed so that we could provide the right solution. That also meant we also needed to provide the right combination of gearbox and motor.”

To complete the rescue EQM also had on hand taperlock sprockets, bushes and matching transmission chains so that the desired speed was as close to the existing as possible and still deliver enough torque.

We promote EQM to the Rescue via our website and it’s been used quite a lot over the last few months. Customers can either bring in their faulty equipment (if they’re based in Hawke’s bay) or simply email us three photos.

The three photos are:
1. The equipment’s name plate
2. A photo of the actual piece of equipment
3. The situation it is being used within

EQM will then work out the most optimal solution and get you up and running as quickly as possible – and that’s usually within 24 hours depending on where in NZ you’re based. Find our support page here.

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