Feather plucker gets stainless makeover

Feather plucking is a messy job, but someone’s got to do it!

A large chicken processor is undertaking an equipment replacement programme.

The clean up between shifts and change of products requires extensive washing down of equipment.

Due to this the motors come under extreme strain from waterblasting so standard aluminum electric motors are only lasting for 9 to 11 months.

“We were asked to find a solution so we recommended installing an EQMi stainless steel motor, which has been fitted without any modifications,” says Anthony of EQM.

EQM’s IP65 Stainless Steel Motors have been installed and they have fitted straight into position without any modifications to the mounting being standard IEC flange mountings. Even though the existing motors were 900rpm 6pole these could be replaced out of the EQMi standard range.

The customer says the major benefits of using stainless steel in this situation is the longer motor life so they spending less time on maintenance, and “it keeps MAF happy” by minimizing the risk of contamination. “Also the stainless steel looks really good too” he says

“These are severe washdown conditions which stainless can easily handle. The motor casing is smooth, can be easily cleaned and with extra special seals can also resist the risk of water penetrating into the motor.

It’s still early days in establishing the life of the stainless steel motors under these conditions but they have already surpassed the previous motors.

Now that you are interested in replacing standard motors with Stainless Steel alternatives why not contact EQM today.


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