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11 September 2018

Conveyor safety

Conveyors operate in busy and challenging environments. There can be multiple processes happening within the same facility since raw product arrives in one door and leaves packaged through another.

Health and safety are of the highest priority. In many of the facilities we regularly visit, it is the number one consideration. However, unfortunately, accidents do still happen.

Across the world, there are between 9000 and 10,000 accidents and 30-40 deaths a year involving conveyors according to international reports,

When EQM is involved in installing a new or replacement conveyor or turnkey packing solution, the safety of employees is always a key focus.

Our conveyors are designed to help reduce manual lifting and shifting operations. Furthermore, we aim to reduce pinch points and are ergonomic which help prevent too much strain on the operators.

We have found two excellent articles that are worth reading. Firstly, the one from Worksafe which is based around the use of guards on conveyors and provides some helpful tips.  Another looks at the operation of conveyors and likely H&S issues can arise.

Needing some help with your conveyor or turnkey packing solution? Get in touch with EQM to assist you.

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