Don’t ever get caught on the hop

That was what a lime manufacturer wanted to ensure with the processing of lime from a quarry. The company uses hoppers with rotary valves and needed an efficient and highly reliable gear drive to open and close the valves at a consistent pace day in day out.

With a limited install time frame and being a critical link in the process, what was immediately available in gear drives that didn’t compromise reliability became the criteria that put us to the test.

The STM in-line helical gear drive was the recommended option as it can be made up of a combination of more than one gearbox to provide a low ratio which enables the pouring of lime at between 3-8 rpm as well as producing a high torque.

These gear drives needed to be constructed of materials that would stand up to the harsh environment of  operating outdoors in a quarry so the STM solution being made of cast Iron delivered these  hard wearing qualities.

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