Food facility blasts off with EQM gearboxes

A fruit marketing company at the forefront of innovation turned to EQM when it was looking for the right equipment to drive their leading edge packing system.

The company is the first to market apples in a handy tube. EQM supplied gear drives and conveyor components for the unique tube packing system which is exported to supermarkets throughout the world.

The facility has several rotary tables at the end of their packing lanes, which are driven by a combination of STM UMI & RMI Series gearboxes.

The UMI & RMI range of gear boxes have been developed to cut down on maintenance and therefore minimises production downtime. The outer gear case is to industry standard dimensions, but the real benefit and where they stand apart is the use of a non-corrosive input coupling bush.

This system, which connects the electric motor to the gearbox, prevents fretting of the key way, vibration and also corrosion caused by environmental conditions such as moisture.

The UMI comes with many accessories including output flanges, torque arms, and singleor double output shafts while the STM RMI Series of worm gear boxes are popular among companies within the food processing sector.

RMI gear boxes are often used on conveyor systems and packaging equipment, such as rotary tables.

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