Belt Conveyor Systems – Lightweight

EQM ‘s experience will recommend the most suitable belt conveyor for you with the added ability of adapting its standard designs for your specific application to move packaging and food products as sachets, punnets, fruit and vegetables.

The M-Track and N-Track are lightweight conveyors of modular design, with the N Track also offering a hygienic conveyor system.

Why M-Track & N-Track?

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble/modular design
  •  Low profile
  •  Portable
  •  Horizontal or elevated positioning

Suitable for Food processing sectors

  • Food packaging such as sachets, punnets & ready to eat packs
  •  Dry Goods
  •  Waste
  •  Labelling lines
  •  Bagged Product
  •  Fruit & vegetables
  •  Packing lines

N Track (hygiene option)

The EQM N-Track belt conveyor
has two solutions – one for moving general products and also a hygienic option that meets FDA and USDA standards.

All components are stainless steel including the internal drive drum which in this case was preferred over the external shaft mount options. The design of the belt conveyors eliminates vibration and reducing chances of damage to packaging and products.


  • Stainless steel or galvanised frame
  • Internal or shaft mounted drive
  • Range of Belting

M Track

The EQM M- Track is specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to fit together. They are easy to clean and very safe as the belts return within the profile.


  • Stainless steel or galvanised frame
  • Internal or shaft mounted drive
  • Range of Belting

Case Study

Multiple Conveyors Elevates Production

What started out as designing one conveyor line solution for a food producer, led to much more

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Disruption? No longer

The physical product purchased was a standard N-Track conveyor. However, for a specific blueberry grower and packer, this conveyor did so much more.

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A Clean Sweep For Bread Maker

It's quite easy to make a mess with breadcrumbs but that’s no longer a problem for one of New Zealand's leading bread companies thanks to our ultra-smart N-Track conveyor system.

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