Rotary Tables

Consider using EQM Rotary Tables to improve your packing production line. At EQM, we can customise and modify your Rotary Tables to perfectly match your needs. Our Rotary Tables are used in a very wide range of applications such as rotary packing tables.

Choose your EQM Rotary Table from three standard types: punnet and package, fruit collection, and bottle and container tables. Our simple designs make them easy to use. Furthermore, our Rotary Tables are also cost-effective as they are operated by an economical single-phase drive.


Why Rotary Tables?

  • Relieves pressure on the production process
  • Removes bottlenecks
  • Moves product from one process to another
  • Prevents damage to products

Suitable for

  • Punnets & pottles
  • Bottles & jars
  • Fruit/vegetable collection
  • Bagged produce
  • Pouches & sachets


Accumulates punnets at the end of a packing line after labelling or quality checking


Accumulates bottles anywhere along the bottling line at the beginning, between filling and corking, capping and labelling or at the end


Singulate products on to a conveyor line

Orientates containers to line up with fillers etc

Fruit Collection

  • Painted wooden top
  • High sides to contain loose produce
  • Padded to eliminate bruising of fruit

Case Study

Rotary Tables keep spinning out the door

Rotary Tables are being used for a diverse range of uses.

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Oversized Rotary Table Packs A Punch

It's not a leaking rotary table but a rotary table that is used in the processing and packing of leeks.

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