Pallet Strapping Machinery

New Zealand fruit and produce companies now have a pallet strapping solution that increases productivity, reduces risk of injury and improves the shelf-life of their quality products.

EQM has launched the latest in pallet strapping machines from European company Reisopack bringing a wide range of benefits to the ever-growing fruit and produce industry where maximising production efficiencies is a key focus in packing facilities.

Anthony says the Reisopack 2820 machine is a “must experience” due to its mobility, eliminating the need for the pallet to be moved to a strapping area.

“It’s no longer a case of taking the pallets to a machine but instead moving the battery operated strapper to the pallets. This makes the process faster and more efficient through less pallet movements as well as minimising the risk of injury from moving unstable and insecure pallets.

The strapper is easy to use and can have indicators attached to the manual height adjustment mast so that locating each strap at the correct height requires no thought at all. An ergonomic handle equipped with a brake release lever takes the effort out of moving from pallet to pallet and holds it in position. The special 12mm EQM poly strap completes the package as it allows the strap to be tensioned without damage and the electronic heat joining system ensures a reliable join with minimal adjustment required.

With extra accessories such as battery change out carts and corner board holders you won’t find it hard to get your staff to achieve this task any longer!

Why Reisopack Pallet Strapping?

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce movement of personnel and forklift operations
  • Strapping is consistent in tension
  • No metal buckles

Suitable for

  • Most fruit and produce, especially fruit exported in cartons such as apples, pears, avocados and kiwifruit.
  • Pallets that have corner boards


Horizontal semiautomatic

  • Production capacity: 20-30 pallets / hour.
  • Adjustable tension - between 3 to 80kgs
  • 3 power options - connection to mains, internal batteries or removable/interchangeable batteries.
  • Strapping range: 135mm to 2400mm
  • Power supply: 2 x 24Vdc interchangeable batteries c/w single phase 240Vac charger
  • Battery duration: 600 straps (Swappable batteries).
  • Machine dimensions: 1130mm x 900mm x 2935mm high
  • Machine weight: 180kg approx. + Strap


Horizontal automatic for pallets

  • Production capacity: 60-80/hour.
  • Control panel with touch screen
  • Can store up to 10 programs - each of them with a maximum of 10 strapping heights
  • Compression system in arch compacts the load and guides the strap to the correct position


Horizontal automatic for pallets 

  • Electronic tension
  • Side compactor system
  • CRC technology to perfectly preposition the corners
  • Production capacity: 50 pallets / hour
  • Maximum pallet height: 2650mm


Vertical semiautomatic for pallets

  • Aluminium head set and tension roller to ensure long machine life
  • Tension is adjustable through a clamp
  • Electronic control of the launching, tension, heating and cutting of the strap
  • Production capabilities: 50-60 pallets / hour
  • Machine dimensions: 1210 x 610 x 1520cm

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