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15 February 2018

Fans for Summer

Summer is here and that means hot weather and in some instances – depending on where you’re based uncomfortable humidity.

Hot weather also means dryer conditions and with it comes an increase in dust.
So – what helps circulate air? Fans and the EQM range of fans are already in hot demand!

The most popular range is the Axial Flow Plate fans which are well suited for a wide range of discharge and supply applications in buildings such as warehousing, workshops, industrial units and any factory.

EQM Fans have highly efficient motors that match the aerodynamic performance of the pressed steel propeller blades.

The mounting plate is powder coated and come with a finger protection guard.

Also available are Axial Flow Shorted Ducted Fans, which are more suited for use as a portable fan and where ducting is required.

Anthony says this portable range is also in demand at this time of the year as air blowers and exhaust fans to help get rid of odour and waste gas effectively.

The Super Blow Drum Portable Fan provides instant cooling and ventilation. They are ideal for public areas, special events and functions, factories, warehouses and more.

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