STM Helical, Bevel & Planetary Gearboxes

When it comes to selecting the right gearbox, it’s important to eliminate the guesswork.

If you guess what’s the best and it doesn’t give optimal performance, it could become a costly exercise. STM is one of the largest Italian manufacturers of gearboxes and is regarded for its quality and wide range.

Why STM Hightech

  • More efficient
  • Large range of size and ratios
  • Interchanges with other brands
  • Standard IEC motor mounting
  • Hardened gears for longer life
  • Suited to medium to heavy workloads
  • Hollow and solid outputs
  • Quieter operation
  • Runs cool

Suitable for

  • Pumps and drives
  • Medium to heavy duty conveyors
  • Any range of food processing equipment
  • Auger drives
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Drive rotary valves



Shaft Mounted Helical Inline

P Series

  • Sizes 63-190
  • Ratio 2.6:1-278.1:1
  • Hollow shafts 25-80mm

Skew Axis Helical Bevel

SM Series

  • Sizes 25-45
  • Ratio 8:1-148.8:1
  • Hollow shafts 19, 25, 30mm

Shaft Mounted Helical Inline

PL Series

  • Sizes 25-135
  • Ratio 17.2. 1-1101:1
  • Hollow shafts 20-100mm


EX Series

  • Large model selection
  • Demand for high torque loads
  • Efficient

Helical Inline

AM Series

  • Sizes 25-120
  • Ratio 1.2.1 - 277.3:1

Bevel Helical

OM Series

  • Sizes 63-190
  • Large Ratio range
  • Hollow shafts 25-80mm

Pre-stage Helical

M Series

  • Sizes M63, M71 & M80
  • Ratio 5.3:1
  • Output shafts 11, 14 & 19mm


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Don't ever get caught on the hop

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