Low Voltage Battery Powered Motors

DAGU’s range of DC motors satisfy both specific and diverse requirements and applications. Whether the power source is a battery, solar or low voltage control circuit, DAGU motors come into their own. With DAGU’s permanent magnet design stable constant speed control is achieved.

Why DC Low Voltage?

  • Portable/Mobile
  • Safe with low voltage
  • Diverse users
  • Solar Power
  • Constant Torque

Suitable for

  • Aeronautical attachments
  • Transport accessories
  • Weld, rotators
  • On farm agri-equipment
  • Marine

ME Series

  • 12, 24 & 180 Vd.c
  • 5 standard frame sizes
  • 30-2000 Watt
  • 1000, 1500, 3000rpm
  • Intermittent or continuous duty
  • Standard IEC B5 or B14 flange
  • mounting dimensions IP44 Non-ventilated waterproof motors

MRE Series

  • Planetary reduction 1-3 stages
  • Ratios 4/1 – 390/1
  • Fits ME series motors
  • Matching diameter to motor

Case Study

Spreading its wings

Getting a consistent spread is vital for New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of aerial spreader buckets.

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