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Like to increase your market share and don’t know how to? EQM can turn your fruit into a high value brand.

EQM provides labelling technology for fruit packaging and individual fruit, as well as label printing and design. We can provide separate labelling equipment or full systems including conveyors and rotary tables.

EQM’s wide range of labellers are available to buy or lease.

Why label your products?

  • Get a premium price for your product
  • Show origin of product
  • Food compliance regulations
  • Traceability
  • Quality mark
  • Create an identity

Suitable for

  • Individual fruits
  • Punnets

High Speed Automatic Labellers

A high speed automatic labeller is the most cost effective labelling solution for packing facilities and the labelling of individual fruit and vegetables or pre-packed products.

Virtually any self-adhesive label shape on a roll can be dispensed and machines can be customised to meet your specific labelling needs.

Labellers can dispense 600 labels per minute with a 98% success rate of application. They easily mount onto any grader/sizer, singulator or conveyor.

Hand Labellers - powered & cordless

Delicate and smooth labellers that are lightweight, yet heavy duty in performance. These can apply up to 6 standard labels per second while the cordless option has a labelling rate that remains consistent for the duration of the battery operating cycle. The soft roller applicator tip leaves fruit and vegetables blemish free. Hire/lease options available upon request.

Unique fruit labels

Create your own brand and increase the value of your products – EQM offers design and print services for fruit and vegetable labels. These labels have a strong, micro thin poly backing maintaining consistent tension during application and longevity of shelf-life.Standard generic design labels for almost all fruit varieties are available or special branded labels are printed to suit customer requirements.

Case Study

Rapt With Performance & Reliability

A Packhouse manager who installed Dix High Speed Automatic Fruit Labellers couldn’t be happier with their performance.

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Labelling a hot topic

The idea of branded fruit is a hot topic in the horticulture industry, with both of New Zealand’s leading supermarket chains saying the future for fruit marketing was branded produce.

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Brand adds value to Peacharine

It’s a peach, but like no other. This popular fruit now has a strong and loyal following.

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