Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

A gravity roller conveyor is a lightweight, low cost, and ergonomic way to move packages. Applications include carton accumulation, crate handling or bag and pouch transfer roller conveyors. Thus you can optimise production by eliminating physical lifting and shifting activities.

Why Gravity?

  •  Low cost
  •  Ergonomic
  •  Works for free/Non-powered
  •  Portable
  •  Extremely simple
  •  No/low maintenance
  •  Modular

Suitable for

  •  Food production facilities
  •  Fruit & vegetable handling and packing
  •  distribution warehousing
  •  Carton handling
  •  Bagged Product
  •  Bottling

EzyRoll Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors

Widths and lengths from 100-1200mmx1.2-3m

Lightroll Light Duty Roller Conveyors

Comes in standard sizes: 450mm wide,  3.0m long sections

Kitset design for easy onsite assembly

Miniroll Wheel track

Versatility at its best

  • Pre-erected carton racks
  • Live shelving
  • Conveyor guides
  • Lightweight carton handling

Multiroll Multi-direction transfer

  • Scale bases
  • Labelling stations
  • Quality control benches
  • Carton loading stations

Superroll Skate Wheel

  • Skate wheels allow increased product support
  • Small item conveyors
  • Bag conveyors
  • Pouch conveyors
  • The Ezyroll frame fitted with wheels

Xpandaroll Extendable Conveyors

From1.6m when compact out to 3.6m when extended.
Mounted on brake castors for stability and mobility.

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