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EQM Industrial NZ applies our experience to bring you the most suitable belt conveyor for your application. Our systems added the ability to adapt its standard designs for your specific application to move packaging and food products such as beverages, bottles and pottles.

The T-Track conveyor is a tabletop conveyor or a ‘slat band’ conveyor in the food processing industry.

Why T-Track?

  • Many layout options
  • Create a seamless link between production lines
  • Corners and mergers with ease
  • Product accumulation
  • Safe and quiet operation

Suitable for

  • Food processing sectors
  • Plastic and glass bottles
  • Cans
  • Pottles


This is a popular system that enables products such as plastic and glass bottles, cans or pottles to be conveyed to any layout required.

It comes in 2.4 metre lengths and the components are easy to maintain and clean

The T Track is mounted on adjustable pedestal legs and is designed so the chain returns on the inside, making it extra safe to operate. It can be fitted with single or double glide rails.

The T Track is the ideal type of conveyor to bridge the gap between bottling processes such as filling and capping, capping and labelling and bottle accumulation at the end of a line.


  • Stainless steel or galvanised frame
  • Shaft mounted drive
  • Range of Belting – plastic or stainless
  • Radius belts
  • Manoeuvres around corners
  • Adjustable legs

Case Study

New conveyor for beverages

EQM has designed a new conveyor for the moving of beverages and bottles.

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