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EQM supplies the widest range of bearings and housings from quality manufacturers such as Challenge. Multiple options are available including stainless steel shields and fluorocarbon, silicon and Teflon seals.
The Challenge range of bearings consists of ball-, roller- and spherical bearings. Furthermore, triple seal bearing units using high-quality materials are also available.


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Why Bearings & Housings?

  •  Universal standard
  • Fully interchangable with other makes
  • Quality manufactured
  • Competitively priced

Suitable for

  • Wide range of conveyor types
  • Excellent in harsh environments including outdoors
  • Food processing and packing
  • Fruit handling equipment
  • Produce cleaning units

Triple Seal Bearings

  • Long life
  • Full range of sizes
  • Triple - highest seal standards
  • Reduces maintenance


Cast Iron Bearing Housings

Wide range of options

Stainless Steel Bearings

  • Hygenic
  • Non-corrosive
  • FDA approval

Plastic Bearing Housings

• Wide range of options
• Hygenic
• Safe
• Cap seals and back seals

Case Study

Leading Fruit Packer Gets Triple Treat

One of New Zealand’s largest fruit packing operations has had a triple whammy of benefits from using Challenge Triple Seal Bearings.

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