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Band Driven Roller Conveyor Systems

Band Driven conveyor modular design takes care of your demanding situations.

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Belt Conveyor Systems - Lightweight

The M-Track and N-Track are lightweight conveyors of modular design, with the N Track also offering a hygienic conveyor system.

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Belt Conveyor Systems - Heavy Duty

C- Channel Belt conveyors are used in food processing plants, fruit and vegetable packhouses among many other uses.

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Chain Conveyor Systems

The T-Track conveyor is known within the food processing industry as a table top conveyor or a ‘slatband’ conveyor and is ideal to move packaging and food products.

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Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

A gravity roller conveyor is a lightweight, low cost, and ergonomic way to move packages.

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Conveyor Drive Drums, Rollers & chains

EQM has a wide range of componentry for belt, band and chain driven conveyors.

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2D & 3D Design

With 3D we bring together your new project, with all the new equipment as well as making sure all utilities are placed in the correct place before any of your equipment is manufactured.

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