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Used Gearboxes & Gear Motors

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Geared Motors
Stock NumberElectrc Motor kWElectric Motor RPM OutStyleMakeModelOutput Shaft (mm)Electric Motor RPM InElectric Motor PhaseElectric Motor Make
G19010.5528Foot mount InlineSew EurodriveR43 DT80 K42014003Sew Eurodrive
G18880.7577Shaft mount Right AngleSew EurodriveSA42 DT80 N425(H)13803Sew Eurodrive
G18980.556 to 32Shaft mount Right AngleSew EurodriveSA42 DT80 K425(H)13603Sew Eurodrive
G06250.1514Foot mount InlineSew EurodriveR43DT71K--3Sew Eurodrive
G07060.2573Flange mount InlineSew EurodriveRF3220-3Sew Eurodrive
G11300.25138Foot mount InlineSew Eurodrive2231654-2006-012513003Sew Eurodrive
G05640.5525Foot mount InlineSew EurodriveR60DT80K30-3Sew Eurodrive
G09550.75-Foot mount InlineSew Eurodrive---3Sew Eurodrive
G04841.5230Foot mount InlineSew EurodriveR60DT90L430-3Sew Eurodrive
G09900.1881Foot mount InlineSew Eurodrive2013203Sew Eurodrive
G09970.1899-Sew Eurodrive2127203Sew Eurodrive
G09880.18332Foot mount InlineSew Eurodrive2027203Sew Eurodrive
G06070.5528Right angle WormSew Eurodrive--3Sew Eurodrive
G08620.55134Right Angle3
G0848A0.55160Right angleSew EurodriveS32 DT80 K42013803-
G0989-32Foot mount InlineSew Eurodrive-18-3Sew Eurodrive
G18792.228.5Shaft mount Right AngleXG TransmissionNMR 09035(H)14253ABB
G18800.0935Shaft mount Right AngleSTMRMI 4019 (H)14003STM
G190493Shaft mount Right AngleMotorvarioNMRV 05025 (H)

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