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STM – where there’s always a gear drive solution

10 Nov STM – where there’s always a gear drive solution

(6)We never need to ask “so what does it need to drive?” because we know that any product, small, medium, large, perishable, light, heavy, there will be an STM gear drive that’s more than capable of doing the job.

STM is the widest range of gear drives known to man-kind and in since we’ve been a stockist, we’ve never not matched a problem that can’t be solved by an STM gear drive.

For low speed, high torque requirements we’ve fitted STM gear drives on to mobile calf mixers, rotators for welding pipe, hydro-cooling conveyors for vegetables through to car rotating platforms to dumb waiters…

Dumb waiters… mmm you might be wondering what they are? Well they’re not what you think they are. Dumb waiter is a small elevator (lift) that allows you to load the small carriage with groceries, luggage and bulky items and at the press of a button have them meet you at the top of the stairs ready for unloading.

The STM high efficiency helical gear drive range also has a long list of applications and is most suitable for handling bulk (heavy) materials such as bark and shingle and when in action for long periods of time – in some cases 24/7.

The are also expected to work in harsh environments – whether that’s outdoors or in a wet processing factory.

All of STM gearbox ranges are ideal for engineering innovations as they easily adapt to a wide range of input and output flanges.

Whether it’s a pie making unit, bottle labelling or bag sealing system – once again STM will have a suitable gear drive.

Check out some of the interesting uses for STM Gear Drives

So next time you’re scratching your head on what is the best gear drive to use, just give us a call and we’ll have the answer for you.

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