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Put your personal mark on your products

31 Mar Put your personal mark on your products

Why not take your fruit or produce to the next level and create a brand and an identity?

Consumers like to know what they are experiencing and in this case eating and if they enjoy the expereince, they’ll want it again and again.

EQM has worked with a fruit marketer and provided them with  labels and labelling machines for some of their South Island growers with packhouse facilities.

Anthony from EQM says the first step was to forecast the quantity of fruit to be packed at each facility to then work out what was the best labelling system to suit their packing system.

Dix Punnet Labellers have been successfully operating in packhouses throughout New Zealand for many years, with a wide range of models available including:

  • High speed LB4 series for online fruit labelling
  • Wide and long label models for punnets, containers and empty bags
  • Hand held LB-7 series for fruit such as avocados, pears and feijoas

Dix LB -7 hand held labelling machines were supplied to facilities with lower packing volumes and Dix LB4 online labeling machines were installed in facilities with higher volumes.

The LB4 online machines were all set up to label fruit that was sized for the market they were being sold into – which was nationwide supermarkets.

“Also part of fruit marketers brief was that the machines needed to fit onto existing fruit sizers, be simple to operate and operate quietly as the packing facilities are in remote locations where any maintenance would need to be completed by the operator.

“From day one we have not received any phone calls about issues with the operation of these machines, which reflects their reliability and simplicity.

The online labellers can apply labels at a maximum speed of about 600 per minute. Inter-phased with the sizer computer programme means you can easily select what fruit sizes you want labelled.

The company also bought printed labels from EQM Industrial specially manufactured from a poly material rather than paper to make the labelers operate smoothly and achieve high fruit application rates.

EQM stock a full selection of generic apple and pear labels. EQM are able to custom design and print branded labels in many shapes and sizes as well.

The fact the labels are a poly material rather than the traditional paper means any stock left over at the end of the season doesn’t deteriorate and can be stored and used the following season.

Another distinct advantage of poly over paper is that it is harder to break. The poly also allows the printer to produce thinner labels, which stick and conform to the fruit better.

EQM sell or lease labelling machines.

The benefit of leasing – is you are only paying for the machine while it’s in use and annual maintenance is undertaken by EQM in preparation for the following season.

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