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Pallet roller conveyors – safe and efficient

19 May Pallet roller conveyors – safe and efficient

Palletroll in packaging plant (10)Demand for pallet roller conveyors are on the rise since the new work safety regulations have kicked in.

Pallet roller conveyors are a safe, reliable and efficient replacement to forklifts and are a valuable addition to large scale food facilities and those that are a bit more compact and tight for space.

“if you’re limited for space, then a pallet roller conveyor is the ideal solution but more importantly they are very much a welcome addition in any facility that is looking to minimise work related incidents.

EQM resolved a challenge with a refit at a packaging plant, whereby a forklift could not gain close enough access to load pallets into a machine.

A heavy duty band driven roller conveyor was the recommended option as it would be lower to the ground and only required three drives. It was also the only fully accumulating system that could handle stacks of pallets.

Band driven pallet rollers don’t need to be any wider than the pallets that are being moved along the conveyor – therefore fitting in tight spaces.

Anthony says PalletRoll conveyors are now being used for a wide range of tasks such as feeding empty pallets into a robot-loading bags of bitumin, moving bulk bags of dairy products and fertilisers and feeding stacks of pallets into pallet de-stackers and load forming machines, or empty packaging into packing areas, just to name a few.

They’re also perfect for distribution centres with applications such as de-vanning and storage and dispatch logistics.

Other benefits over a forklift are that they are environmentally friendly, eliminating exhaust fumes as well as less noise pollution and can operate as powered rollers for full automation or unpowered for manual operation.

There are several ways of driving pallet roller conveyors. The PalletRoll system comes in two forms, band driven rollers which are a fully accumulating design suitable for lighter loads up to 1 tonne and chain driven rollers which are more suited for 1-2 tonne loads.

New technology has recently been introduced in the form of a “smart motor” and gearbox with an electronic control card, which powers a short section of PalletRoll and links together electrically to operate a line of conveyors in a sequence.

This means that when a pallet is not present on the conveyor that particular section of conveyor does not operate, being not only energy efficient but very safe for those working nearby.

Another huge benefit of this technology is the inherent ability to control any part of the conveyor system so as to index, feed or accumulate as required.

If you have an existing palletising system or need a new one and you are wanting to increase productivity, contact us today.

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