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New partnership will advance fresh produce packing in NZ

22 Aug New partnership will advance fresh produce packing in NZ

EQM is keen to be involved in how the food sector lifts its game when it comes to new technologies to advance the packing of fruit and vegetables in New Zealand.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham said one specific area of interesting innovation in the sector has been in the development of internal and external defect sorting of  fruit and veges. EQM undertook a global search for a reputable partner last year and found this in Italy.

“We are therefore pleased to announce that we have now signed a sales agreement with an Italian firm called Unitec, well known for leading the world in Cherry sorting and packing lines and equipment.

Unitec built its first sorter in 1924 and has had one sole objective – to help customers grow their businesses by improving the quality of their work.

In the last 10 years Unitec has developed cutting-edge technologies conceived, designed and made “to measure”, responding to the specific requirements of every client and almost every type of fruit and vegetables.

Unitec has developed technologies for all fruit and vegetables from ‘A-Z’ in the alphabet, from apples and avocados to radishes to watermelons. The company is well known within the cherry, apple and kiwifruit sectors throughout Europe and, North & South America.

Its technology can identify the degree of ripeness, shape, dimensions, brix levels, internal and external defects, colour and overall integrity.

“We’ve been developing the relationship over the last year with the primary focus of offering the latest technology and turnkey solutions for sizing and sorting systems needed to cope with the growth in the horticulture industry in NZ.

“The relationship has already been fruitful ‘excuse the pun’ with the first cherry sorting line underway and we can see it being very successful into the future,” said Anthony.

When you are thinking of upgrading or developing a new fruit or vegetable packing facility, make sure you talk to us about introducing you to the Unitec experience.

The Unitec mission statement says it all:

At Unitec we aspire to excellence in the design and manufacture of lines, plants and machines for processing fresh fruit and vegetables. Our common goal is to work in close partnership with Customers in order to maximize efficiency and quality, contributing to their success by using our equipment. The greatest gratification for us is the smile of our Customer that achieves its goals through the results obtained with our technologies and professionalism”.