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Lightweight conveyor neatly tucks away to best utilise space

22 Aug Lightweight conveyor neatly tucks away to best utilise space

When space is at a premium, you need to think outside of the box to come up with an innovative solution.

A plastic injection moulding business utilises part of its facility for a couple of processes and needs to be able to quickly convert the space from one use to another.

They came to EQM looking for a solution to extend an existing conveyor by 5 to 6 metres, but wanted to be able to fold the conveyor away when not in use, so that the area allocated could be used for another process.

The brief required the design of a lightweight conveyor on wheels that could be safely folded away on its side up against a wall, using a mounting bracket.

“The conveyor is only used for extended production runs where operators aren’t present so it was great to work with our customer to come up with an innovative solution that increased productivity and maximised the use of space.

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