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EQM launches a new high performing IP69K motor range

01 Jun EQM launches a new high performing IP69K motor range

EQM has launched a shiny new range of high performing electric motors under the name of EQM Clean. Just like its name, it will “clean up” everytime, not only in performance but literally  too!

These special stainless steel and aluminium motors are brand new, just released this year by a reputable European manufacturer.

EQM Clean motors complement the EQMi Series of stainless steel gearboxes and can easily replace existing brands of aluminium motors and gearboxes with their standard dimensions.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says the EQM Clean motor is constructed in 316L, high grade stainless steel and boasts a special winding design to decrease operating surface temperatures, yet still meets an energy efficiency rating of IE3.

“We’re very excited about the EQM Clean Series, as the spotlight on hygiene for food safety as well as minimising maintenance and increasing production line performance is a high priority for many food and beverage producers.

“Another bonus is there’s no paint to flake off, the surfaces are completely smooth and this gives excellent resistance to corrosion and bacteria build up providing a reliable and durable solution where hygiene is essential.”

The EQM Clean electric motor range comes in nine frame sizes with all mountings being IEC B5 or B14 flanges to match standard motor mountings. The stainless steel option has the highest waterproof rating of IP69K.

Both the stainless steel and the premium aluminium motors come supplied with special EHEDG certified cable gland and Viton O-rings on all removable parts making these motors well suited to any wash-down situation in food and beverage and chemical production facilities.

The premium aluminium model follows the same design as the stainless steel model having no cooling fan but is instead treated with a special patented coating that also makes the surface easy to clean. The shaft is 420 grade stainless steel with special magnetic properties that are essential to maintaining a low surface temperature considering it has such a smooth surface area for cooling.

Be a leader in your industry by introducing EQM Clean motors and gearboxes today!

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