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Conveyor Componentry

EQM has a wide range of componentry for belt, band and chain driven conveyors. Whether you're repairing or doing maintenance or an existing conveyor or building a new one we have everything from rollers, spools, clip locks, drive bands... you name it, we stock it!
Band Driven Roller Conveyor Componentary


Complete RollersComplete conveyor rollers are made to suit specific applications and preferences.

Our rollers come in Stainless Steel, Dynopipe PVC and Galvanised in made to order lengths, although recommended load ratings should be adhered to.

They can come with sprocket or timing belt drives, also grooved rollers are available.

  • 20mm – 89mm Ø

Roller Endcaps, Bushes & Bearings

Roller Bearings & EndcapsA superior acetal is used in the manufacture of Dyno end caps. This helps to lower friction, resulting in less wear and added self-lubricating properties, making them ideal for applications where roller lubrication is intermittent.

Dyno conveyor roller end caps are designed to be a push-fit into the tube, with running clearance built into the bore for a Dyno bush to be fitted

  • 20mm – 114mm Ø
  • Press metal and precision bearings

Tapered Rollers

Tapered RollersOur tapered rollers come in stainless steel, galvanised or one piece plastic in made to order lengths.

  • 20mm – 89mm Ø

Zero Pressure Accumulation Drive Motor

Zero accumulation pressure driveDynodrive’s intelligent conveyor drive system that can be integrated with other automation.

Dynodrive uses a series of 24v motors and sensors that communicate with each other to start and stop zones of rollers or belts and create space between products on a conveyor.

This eliminates carton damage, and congested conveyors!

Line Shaft Components

Line-shaft components for shaft driven conveyors eliminate the need to disassemble the conveyor for replacement breakdowns – Saving hours of labour and conveyor downtime.Plastic Wrap Couplings

  • Shaft spools – 25mm
  • Clip locks
  • Universal joints
  • Plastic-wrap CouplingsUniversal JointShaft Spools & Clip Locks

Drive Bands & Emergency Bands

Drive BandsSmall, Medium & Large polyurethane bands to drive power transmission and line shaft conveyor applications.

Emergency bands are also available to quickly fitted without having to dismantle the conveyor to fit it, saving you time.

Internal Driven Roller

50mm Internal Driven Rollers50mm roller with a 24v brushless dc motor, electronic variable speed and permanently lubricated planetary geared reduction.

Belt Conveyor Components

Axis Internal Drive Drums

The real deal - axis internal drive drumsAxis Motorised Drums are compact, efficient and specifically designed for both intermittent and continuous belt conveyor applications.

  • Belt speeds from 2.9m/min to 47m/min
  • Stainless steel, anodised aluminium or zinc plated


LARGE RANGE OF BELTINGLarge range available to suit your specific requirements.

  • PVC, Rubber, Urethane
  • Cleated or tracking strips

Belt Scrapers

Keep your belt clean with this low cost, compact basic scraper designed to suit a wide range of applications.

Easily installed onto an existing or new conveyor system.

Trough SetsTrough Set

Suitable for lightweight to medium loads and ideal for either humid or dry, dusty environments.

Available as single trough or two piece trough set

  • 25° trough angle
Chain Conveyor Components

Thermoplastic Chain

Thermoplastic ChainDYNO thermoplastic chain system is a lightweight, quiet, clean and noncorrosive system.

This chain has the advantage of requiring no wear strip.

Designed for medium load two dimensional conveying and accumulation.

  • Short and extended pin versions
  • 3” & 2.5” pitch

Polyethylene & Aluminium Sprockets

aluminium sprocketSprockets for conveyor chains

  • 6 to 8 tooth

Also Available

TeCom Guide Rails and Systems

TeCom Guide Rails and Systems

TeCom Guide Rails and Systems
Ask about our easy roller order/quote form

Ask about our easy roller order/quote form

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Tight space is no longer a problem

Tight space is no longer a problem

Tight space is longer a problem


Swift action helps fix chain of events

Swift action helps fix chain of events

Swift action helps fix chain of events


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Keep up with maintenance

Keep up with the maintenance


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