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4 October 2019

Welcome Aboard, Justin Kritzinger!

The EQM team is pleased to announce that Justin joined us at the beginning of September. It took us a while to make this happen, because the position that needed filling required an industrial specialist. Even when we did find Justin the on boarding process took some time.

This new role needed someone with:

  1. Experience in power transmission sales
  2. A specialised knowledge of transmissions and their inner workings
  3. Wide industry experience to serve our varied clientele
  4. Technical savvy – able to find solutions to simple and complex enquiries

Who We Found

Justin is a person who was willing to take the plunge and move his young family to a new country.
It wasn’t really a career change for him so from day one he hit the ground running.
He’s been providing solutions to complicated enquiries for ten years.
The inner workings of gearboxes – worm, inline, planetary, you name it, hold no secrets for him.
He thrives on calculating torque, speed, forces and strength of materials.
Before he left South Africa, he was working as Sales Manager for STM South Africa.

With Factory training from STM Italy, one of our key suppliers, he’s well equipped with the skills to work out almost any combination of power transmission from our NZ stock range and more…

Ongoing Training

Justin has completed well over 30 courses with certificates to prove his professional development in this field including ISO 9001.

Further to this, his travels to many of our existing and potential suppliers around the globe have built up a knowledge and resource that feeds on finding the best solution for specific customer requirements.

Some Industries Justin worked With in South Africa are

  • Agricultural; automation, stock and animal feed systems
  • Food and Beverage – conveyor systems
  • Sugar – processing equipment
  • Mining
  • Packing – Packaging equipment and lines
  • Water Treatment
  • Cement – Handling equipment
  • Chemical – Mixing and pumping

Expertise Worth Waiting For

We are delighted with our new resource, a perfect match for our industry as well as our company culture.
Justin’s positive attitude is a great asset to our team. Always keen to help, he loves a challenge and is quick to dive in and respond to technical enquiries with in-depth solutions.

Justin ‘loves coming to work’ and he ‘loves the products’ , no two days are the same

No doubt you’ll get a call from Justin someday soon; – but don’t wait for that,

Contact him today –

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