Tight space no longer a problem

Operating a milk powder bag filling system in a tight confined space is now a lot easier following the installation of high quality Axis stainless steel internal drums.

The plant can operate up to 24 hours a day and with this in mind, it was important to minimise any downtime. Standardising drives over a number of conveyors made it worth while to investing in a complete spare for immediate replacement if the need arises.

The nature of the process is that there is a lot of starting and stopping to fill and seal bags. The bags are also heavy on a small foot print, so EQM specified and supplied motorised drums with heavy duty gears and over-sized motors.

“The client was able to retrofit the existing conveyors to fit the new drive drums that we’re specially imported from Europe for the job

Supplied with long cables, it eliminated the need for terminal boxes, another item which is often a cause of motor failure in wet and dusty environments.

The system is also now a lot more food safe due to no external motors collecting dust because everything is contained within the frame. Another added benefit is eliminating the risk of oil leaks.

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