Glue machine retrofit a huge success

EQM has come up with a solution for many apple packers who have aging carton glue machines, some having being used in packing facilities throughout New Zealand for 30 years.

Glue Machine retro-fitThe purchasing and installation of brand new equipment not only can be expensive for the small to medium packer but also requires twice as much space. We have developed another alternative solution. Our solution comprises of retrofitting a Walsh Glue machine with the world’s leading brand of hotmelt adhesive applicators – Nordson.

During the latest harvest season, we received a call from a packhouse operator who was urgently looking for a quick fix after their old glue machine caught fire.

They were able to borrow a replacement for the immediate short term but also needed to look at either replacing the entire machine or find another solution.

They turned to EQM. Anthony had previously supplied Nordson equipment, a well-known American brand, to packhouse facilities before.

“They are top quality adhesive machines. But, we just needed to make sure that it could be retrofitted to the Walsh machines. Following a discussion with Nordson representatives, they confirmed our idea and the rest is history.

“It’s a great example of how you can rebuild the best part of the existing machine and update the critical glue application systems with the latest technology delivering a solution that is as good as new at a lot less cost.

The client was incredibly happy with the result and especially as they did not have to keep a close eye on the machine all season.

If you’re looking to upgrade your glue machine, or make it safe, contact us today and we’ll see you right!


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