Stainless Steel Gearboxes & Motors

EQM NZ offers the widest range when it comes to Stainless Steel gearboxes & motors for the food industry. Expert knowledge and superior customer support back our products.

Food safety is always under the spotlight. Stainless Steel doesn’t harbour bacteria, is more hard-wearing and can withstand humidity, moisture and corrosion. In other words, Stainless Steel gearboxes and motors lift the performance of the entire production process.

Why Stainless?

• Eliminates hygiene issues
• Less maintenance downtime
• Reliable performance
• Perfect for harsh environments
• Longer lasting
• Sleek design profile

Suitable for Food processing sectors

• Meat
• Poultry
• Dairy
• Seafood
• Petfood
• Confectionery

Clean-Geartech Stainless Steel Worm Gearboxes

Twin viton seals with stainless steel shield; IP69K certified

100% factory pressure leak tested

Output shaft is produced in AISI 316L

Special covering assures full protection of oil spills

Input coupling for effective torque transmissions

Special high tech housing finishing

Clean-Geartech Stainless Steel Helical Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel gears for high efficiency

Smooth stainless steel housing

Fully modular IEC flanges

AISI 316L stainless steel hollow input/output shaft. Twin viton seals with stainless steel shield IP69K certified

Clean-Geartech Aluminium Worm Gearboxes

Twin viton seals with stainless steel shield: IP69K certified

NTT- special surface treatment which results in modified external properties of the aluminium body.

Hollow output shaft in AISI 316L

All stainless steel hardware

Housing with special smooth surfaces

Clean-Geartech Stainless Steel Motor

IP69K Motor protected against effect of submersion

Food Grade Stainless Steel 316L

Low surface temperature due to special electromagnetic design

Energy efficiency rating of IE3

End mounted terminal box

Clean-Geartech Premium Aluminium Motor

Energy efficiency rating IE3

Special patented coating for food hygiene standards

Highest waterproof rating IP69K

Low surface temperature due to special electromagnetic design

ABI Stainless Steel Motors

ABI Stainless Steel Motors & Gearboxes are top of the range with a unique internal design with an IP69K submersion rating. Sizes range from 0.18kw to 1.5kw.


  • Special housing designed to keep adequate lubrication with low oil quantity to avoid internal pressure
  • Output seals(FPM-fkm) with external dust protection lips
  • 14-42mm Stainless Steel hollow shaft
  • O-rings on all flanges
  • Ten ratio options

EQM iSeries

The EQM-i Series Stainless Steel Motors & Gearboxes are a standard motor enclosed and protectedin stainless with an IP67 protection rating.
Sizes range from 0.18kw to 7.5kw.


  • Oversized bearing on both ends
  • Double Lip contact seals
  • Inverter rated
  • Submersion & corrosion resistant
  • Available in 2, 4, 6 & 8 poles
  • Round smooth stainless housing (AISI 304)
  • TENV (without ventilation) and TEFC (with ventilation) options

Case Study

Longer Life, Better Performance For Starter-Pot Stainless Steel Gear Drives

Like great cheese – that only gets better with age, the same is hoped for the new stainless steel gear drives installed at a dairy plant.

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