Fruit Brushes

Unique segment system allows customised brushes to be created for your machinery. The segments are replaceable when worn, which saves you from needing to buy a new brush. They are cost effective and can be match filled to product type.

Why Fruit Brushes?

  • Cost effective and eaily assembled.
  • Can match fill to product type.

Suitable for

  • Washing Kiwifruit, carrots, pumpkins, onions, potatoes, apples
  • Fruit waxing

Segment Brushes

  • Straight and corrugated trim
  • Steel brushes
  • Lock together segments or one piece
  • Assembled to order
  • A range of bristle material and sizes

Fruit & Vegetable Cleaning system

  1. 020 White Polyethylene – Washing kiwifruit
  2. 012 Yellow Polypropylene – Washing vegetables (carrots, potatoes, avocados, onions, grapefruit etc)
  3. 008 Black Nylon – Washing apples
  4. Horse Hair/Polyethylene – Fruit waxing
  5. 020 White Polyethylene – Washing vegetables (melons, pumpkins etc)
  6. 015 Red Polyethylene – Washing tomatoes Horse Hair – Fruit waxing
  7. 018 Green Polyethylene – Washing fruit and vegetables
  8. 018 White Polypropylene – Washing melons, pumpkins etc

Note!! Depending on the district where the fruit or vegetable is grown, the skin thickness will vary, so this will influence brush material used.

Case Study

Bristling Clean Fruit And Vegetables

Clean and ready to eat is the verdict of the upgraded brushes used to clean fruit and vegetables for an produce grower.

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