Band Driven Roller Conveyor Systems

Band Driven conveyor modular design takes care of your demanding situations. It reduces labour, prevents manual lifting and shifting operations and creates a link between existing machinery. Tranzband’s inbuilt accumulation has been proven in many industrial situations.


  • Reduces labour requirements
  • Prevents numerous manual lifting and shifting operations
  • Reduces double handling of products
  • Creates a link between other machinery

Suitable for

  • Food production facilities
  • Fruit and vegetable handling & packing
  • Distribution warehousing  
  • Carton packing lines
  • Pallet and bin supply lines

Tranzband Carton Conveyors

Band driven roller conveyors are powered via a shaft beneath the rollers which offers quiet operation and low maintenance.


  • Corners = Tapered rollers maintain alignment of products around corners.
  • Chain transfer=Moves and changes orientation of products off or onto a line
  • Carton turner=turns products from one perspective to another
  • Switch sorter=directs products off a line at high speed
  • Powered gate(pedestrian)=enable people access through a production line
  • Rollover stop=controls flow of product to help clear congestion
  • Oscillator=merge or de-merge products off or on a line horizontally without stopping and changing direction
  • Line brakes=Inflatable tubes mounted below rollers to index products

Tranzroll Pallet Conveyors

Tranzroll is our ideal pallet conveying solution reducing the need for forklifts in working areas.


  • Sprocket driven
  • Band driven accumulating
  • Motorised roller driven

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The New Zealand pipfruit sector is riding a wave of success.

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Packhouse investment gets quick payback

One of Hawke’s Bay’s largest packhouse operations has installed a conveyor that has paid back its investment in super quick time.

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