2D & 3D Design

Expanding your food processing plant requires plenty of planning — not just in constructing the new section of your plant, but also in deciding where each piece of equipment will go. 2D and 3D takes out much of the guess work.

One miscalculation, one misplaced outlet box, and you could end up overspending your budget trying to get everything to fit correctly. So how do you avoid those miscalculations? How do you “see” all your new equipment placed within your plant before it’s even built? How do you guarantee that all your utilities will be placed in the right place for your equipment? That’s where 3D modelling comes in.

With 3D we bring together your new project, with all the new equipment as well as making sure all utilities are placed in the correct place before any of your equipment is manufactured.

Why Design/CAD?

  • Visualise layout to scale
  • Calculates placement of staff
  • Design to floor space and plan
  • Ergonomically focussed
  • Fit for purpose design
  • Concept model before committing to investment


  • Preview Equipment in Plant Layout
  • See How Equipment Will Work
  • See How Equipment Integrates into Current Line
  • Determine Where to Place Utilities
  • Conveyor layouts
  • Factory plans – new or redevelopment
  • Improving product efficiencies

Examples of 2D & 3D drawings

Turnkey Project Management

EQM Helps Visualise Your Production Enhancements

So you think you’ve got an idea of how to improve your production processes but you’re unsure whether the equipment will fit or that the footprint is right.

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