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When it comes to Stainless Steel motors and gearboxes for the food industry, EQM Industrial offers the widest range, backed by expert knowledge and superior customer support. EQM offers the optimum electric motor with the DAGU’s range, as well as Speed Controllers and the widest range of bearings and housings from quality manufacturers such as Challenge.

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Stainless Steel Gearboxes & Motors

EQM NZ offers the widest range when it comes to Stainless Steel gearboxes & motors for the food industry. Expert knowledge and superior customer support back our products. 

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STM Worm Gearboxes - Standard Range

Thanks to its flexibility in application, STM’s standard range of gearboxes provide best value for money.

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STM Helical, Bevel & Planetary Gearboxes

 It’s important to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to selecting the right gearbox.

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Electric Motors

EQM will have the optimum electric motor to drive your food processing facility.

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Low Voltage Battery Powered Motors

DAGU’s range of DC motors satisfy both specific and diverse requirements and applications.

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Speed Controllers

Controlling the speed of conveyors, pumps and mixers can be tricky and that’s where these Speed Controllers step up to the mark with trademark precision.

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Bearings & Housings

EQM supplies the widest range of bearings and housings from quality manufacturers such as Challenge.

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