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2 December 2019

New Robotic Gentle Bin Filler for Fruit and Produce Launched

EQM Industrial launched an intelligent fully automated robotic bin filler to the market. The new Hortworx RBF100 takes care of valuable fruit and produce to a new level. This is achieved by gently lowering fruit down into a bin as if it’s done one at a time. It is specifically designed for handling sensitive fruit such as apples, pears, stonefruit, kiwifruit, and produce like big soft onions.

This freestanding unit is manufactured in New Zealand by Hortworx. It is the result of two years review, research and development. The RBF100 robotic bin filler has a lot to offer. It was designed with the increasing value of fruit and produce in mind. It is capable of filling most bin types, conventional wooden bins, higher export bins, all types of plastic bins and even the latest circular inner cardboard bins. It offers great bin compatibility, with a smaller, open rotating head designed specifically to support exporters.

Key features:

  • Fully automated bin change over system
  • Robotic rotating filling head
  • Intuitive HMI touch screen control
  • Ability to fill multiple bin types (wooden, plastic, cardboard)
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Can be battery or solar powered for portable use

The clever rotary head lowers itself to a predetermined depth. Then it begins lowering the fruit into the bin. After that it automatically rises to layer fruit as it fills the bin to a predetermined height.  Soft and flexible rotating flaps ensure gentle handling, almost eliminating fruit to fruit contact bruising.

The RBF100 engineered by Hortworx to accommodate the changing requirements of post-harvest fruit handling. Utilising the latest technology, it offers an improved user experience. Its simple construction is easily maintained. It is also energy efficient. The standard model plugs into a normal single phase power outlet and uses a maximum of 1.5A. 24V DC power. This makes it possible to be fully portable for out in the field or orchard, and with batteries and solar added, it is capable of off-grid operation.

The robotic bin filler has an easy to use intuitive touch screen. This enables  smart features to be set up like variable fruit flow, variable flap rotation, pre-set filling upper and lower limits and bin change-over clearance heights and positions.

With its low power usage and quiet chainless transmission, it requires very little maintenance. Latest electronic design makes it IOT ready for integration into packhouse analytical data collecting systems.

EQM Industrial are the proud New Zealand agent for this Hortworx innovation. We have a RBF100 unit on display in the showroom at 518 Omahu Road, Hastings. So, come on in for a demo and take a look!

NEW Robotic Gentle Bin Filler for Fruit and Produce Launched

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