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Used Fruit & Vege Handling Equipment

Washer Manifold (FV9344)
Bin Turntable (FV9186)

EQM Industrial have a range of fruit and vege handling systems available for your produce packing and processing line, from food grade conveyor systems and sorting tables to washers and packing stands.

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Fruit & Vegetable Handling Equipment
Stock Number,Item,Make,Width,Length,Material of Construction,Main Application
FV9186,Bin turntable,,1100mm,2030mm,Steel,Rotating bins
FV9294,Blue Rotofiller,,,,,
FV9404,Brush Unit / Sorting Table Combination,Treeways,"880mm Brush Unit, 915mm Sorting Table","2.0m long Brush Unit, 1.8m long Sorting Table",Painted Steel,16 x Corrugated Brushes
FV9346,Dry Dump Belt Conveyor,Treeways,1.35m,3.15m,,Designed for manual tipping of crates of fruit or bins
FV9026 (x2),Packing Stands,,,,,
FV9298,Packing Stands,,,,,
FV9368 (x2),Rod Conveyors,,,,,
FV9390,Roller Elevator,,975mm,2.0m,Galvanised Steel Frame,S/S Sides
FV9161,Rotary Brush unit,EQM,620mm,900mm,Painted steel,Root washing
FV9337,Rotary Table,,,,,
FV9333,Singulator,Treeways,,,Mild Steel,
FV9297,Sorting Table,,,,,
FV9293,Riser Sorting Table,,,,,
FV9392 (x2),Sorting Tables (x2),,560mm,2.5m,Painted Steel Frame,
FV9157,Tray Washer,,840mm,1.20m,Painted Steel,
FV9126 (x2),Trayfiller Belt Conveyor,,Top 370mm lower 450,2400mm,Painted steel,
FV6032,Trayfiller Belt Conveyor,,500mm,4.6m,mild Steel,
FV9081(x14),Trayfillers,McDonalds,500mm,2.55m,Steel Frame PVC Belting,
FV9405,Barrel Washer,,750mm dia,3.1m,Mild Steel - wooden slat screen,Last used for washing carrots
FV9396,Twin Bin Filler,FHS,,,Painted Steel Frame,2 x infeed belt conveyors 800mm wide x 2.5m long c/w Hydraulic motors
FV9344,Washer Manifold,,,,,

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