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Swift action helps fix chain of events

15 Oct Swift action helps fix chain of events

Swift action helps fix chain of events - Dyno ChainEQM’s swift action in providing the vital link to ensuring the smooth operation of a conveyor has put smiles on the faces of staff at a meat processing plant.

The plant was having major issues with the lugs on the plastic chains on the conveyor – which moves empty bins.

The lugs continued to break causing the crates to fall off the conveyor.

EQM already provided a range of equipment solutions to the company – but up until now the conveyor chain componentry has been supplied by another company.

“They were really stuck for an option and we suggested the Dyno Chain which had a top tab rather than a lug – and it did the trick!

Not only did it put a smile back on the plant’s staff but the large order got the EQM team working hard to make sure it could supply and install the over 100m of chain for the conveyor.

“It was a complete replacement so we needed to pull out all stops to make sure we could get enough of the product assembled so that they could get it installed as quickly as possible.

The Dyno Chain is designed for medium load two dimensional conveying and accumulation. It is ideal for fruit elevators, crate handling conveyors and carton handling conveyors.

The urgency was due to the fact the existing lugs continued to break too regularly and the best solution was a full replacement.

“Feedback that we’ve already had was that they were rapt that we could suggest an alternative but more importantly that we worked as a fast as we could to meet the tight order deadline.

It has an average braking load of 860 kilograms and can work in a wide temperature range of -40°C – 100 °C

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